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Trisha Roy

Success Begins with Simple Choices

About Trisha.

Trisha Roy is an International speaker, writer and Influencer. Born in Kolkata, India - the city made famous as Mother Teresa's world headquarters, Trisha grew up learning about volunteer leadership skills and teaching and mentoring. As a twelfth grader, Trisha taught in her high school's free after-school education program for underprivileged children, through the Leadership Training Service (LTS) India.

Trisha's educational background is diverse - Trisha went forward to earn a Masters degree in Ecology and Environment from the Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment. As part of her masters thesis, she was awarded a residential internship through a World Bank funded project - Project Red Panda. She was based out of the Darjeeling district and the Singhalilla National Park area in the lower Himalayas, She received a Distinction award for her Masters thesis.

Trisha also worked in tiger conservation, spending many hours as a worker on Tiger censuses, while at the same time utilizing her skills as a writer, to author many articles in India's national newspapers like The Statesman.

Personal circumstances led to to her second Masters degree in Management, which she earned at Michigan's Kettering University (formerly General Motors Institute). Her passion and education in environmental issues led her to concentrate on the environmental impacts of the automobile industry in the Greater Flint area. She was awarded a Research Assistant-ship for her work.

Trisha did her graduation walk with her second Masters degree, in 2002, while expecting her firstborn. And she stepped back from her education and career, to raise her boys, for the next ten years.

Personal circumstances again led her to seek a way to support herself, emerging into a workplace with two Masters degrees in diverse, seemingly unrelated fields, and no experience. Even the local Waffle House would not give her a job, because she was determined not to upset her children's routine, and wanted to be present in the early morning to send them to school. She was also determined to remain in Gainesville, her hometown - again, to give her boys as much stability as possible, in terms of being close to both parents.

It was at a moment of complete defeat, that Trisha remembered her love for homes, home design, and the real estate profession. And suddenly her whole world clicked into place. She obtained a license, and became a Realtor. And two years later, earned her broker license and opened her first brokerage.

Real estate is the industry where all her skills, and her education background, every skill she had, was harnessed. And she was able to raise her boys with freedom to be present for all their life milestones, volunteer at their schools - every need she had was met by the profession of a Realtor.

Trisha soon realized that her deep desire to help others find success, her experience in teaching, as well as her gift of writing, made her an ideal person to teach, and mentor. She obtained her Florida Real estate Instructor license.

Over the next few years, Trisha has taken it upon herself to gain every possible skill as an instructor and mentor, gaining credentials aimed at being the best instructor she could be.

She completed Florida Realtors'  Learning Centered Instructor Workshop, and attended their Spokesperson training. She completed a certificate course on speaking, from Cornell University, and most recently, became a Gold Standard Instructor through the Real Estate Educators Association. She is currently a candidate for her Distinguished Real Estate Instructor credentials.

Trisha teaches and speaks around the world, leads classes and field trips and trade missions in various parts of the world.

In her spare time, Trisha enjoys photography, writing, and spending time with her growing boys and close friends, and learns and practices Shotokan Karate - she earned her Black belt at the age of 52.



Master of Science in Management.
Kettering University, Flint, Michigan, USA

Master of Science in Management taught me skills of leadership, strategy, spirituality, economic growth and planning, as well as business growth, marketing, finance and other areas. My thesis was concentrated in the Environmental Impact of Automobile Pollution in the Greater Flint area.


Master of Ecology and Environment
Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment, New Delhi, India.

In 1996 I earned my Masters degree in Ecology and Environment. My masters thesis was based in Behavioral Ecology of Captive and Wild Red Pandas, and my work was part 0f Project Red Panda, a world bank funded project. I also worked on tigers, on Project Tiger, as an ecologist as well as n tiger census projects,

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National Association of Realtors Approved Instructor

Courses I teach for the National Association of Realtors

The National Association of Realtors is the nation's largest trade organization, and approves only a small number of professionals to teach designation classes. I am a CIPS designee, and a former ecologist, and I am passionate about learning and teaching about diversity, sustainability, and I truly and love and celebrate cultural identities of people around the world. I teach NAR's designations both through my Open Spaces International School of Real Estate as well as directly.


Certified International Property Specialist Designation

Working with International buyers/sellers

CIPS or Certified International Property Specialist is a Premier designation awarded by the National Association of Realtors to Realtor members who have undergone highly specialized education and training geared towards working with international buyers and seller. This course is also offered to International Realtor Members through NAR's global trade partnerships and agreements.

To bring the CIPS designation to your local association, please contact your Association Executive, or Education Director.


Courses I teach for Florida Reators


GRI 302 - Thinking Outside the Box

GRI 302 Module 1

Introduction to International Real Estate

GRI 302 Module 3

Land, Environment & Private Property Rights

GRI 302 Module 2

Brokerage Management

GRI 302 Module 4

Single Family Construction

Other Courses I teach for Florida Realtors

Environmental issues and safety

Who Pays for that? Common Environmental Issues

3 Hours CE Credits

Learn about common environmental issues that can affect use and sale and purchase of land, learn how to educate your clients and customers about these very relevant issues. We will talk about common contaminants like lead, and arsenic and radon, and dive into responsibility, liability and mitigation.


Introduction to International Real Estate

2 Hours CE Credits

This two hour class is a fun introduction to the world of international real estate transactions. Learn how to identify an international customer/client, and learn about various skills and teams to work with, to help international customers and clients.

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